Brian Cherry
Warren's paternity
Sat Apr 22, 2017 23:16

Since I don't believe we ever learn who Warren's real father was, it seems like it would be fun to speculate on possibilities.
The most likely candidate is CC. I could imagine a time when Lionel was away that CC had a drunken one night stand with his neighbor Augusta. Perhaps he even blacked the whole thing out. I don't believe Warren ever had a romantic connection with any of the Capwell women, and it seems like that would've had explosive possibilities to reignite a war with Lionel and CC, new sibling rivalry for Mason, etc. It would of course work much better with Augusta around too.

    • Re: Warren's paternityNicolas, Sun Apr 23 16:34
      Hi Brian, I once read that it was an idea the writers had when they decided that Lionel wasn't Warren's father. I also think it would create explosive consequences for the characters and the whole... more
      • Re: Warren's paternityBrian Cherry, Sun Apr 23 18:33
        That's good to know the writers were thinking of going in that direction! It makes sense in a soap opera kind of way and would've been a really exciting story. I agree it is a little hard to imagine... more
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