Brian Cherry
Re: Warren's paternity
Sun Apr 23, 2017 18:33

That's good to know the writers were thinking of going in that direction! It makes sense in a soap opera kind of way and would've been a really exciting story.
I agree it is a little hard to imagine Augusta and CC together, that's why I suggested CC be drunk and black the whole thing out. I could imagine Augusta really angry with Lionel that night for whatever reason and took advantage of CC just to get back at Lionel. If nothing else it's fun to imagine how the story would happen.

  • Re: Warren's paternityNicolas, Sun Apr 23 16:34
    Hi Brian, I once read that it was an idea the writers had when they decided that Lionel wasn't Warren's father. I also think it would create explosive consequences for the characters and the whole... more
    • Re: Warren's paternity — Brian Cherry, Sun Apr 23 18:33
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