Ally Walker quote
Sun Sep 17, 2017 21:54

There was a small quote in this weeks Soap Opera Digest from Ally Walker. She said she loved A Martinez and that A and Marcy taught her how to act and that her and Robin Wright would line up and have A and Marcy teach them how to act. Now I totally get that A and Marcy would teach Ally how to act. She was new to acting. But Robin Wright? Give me a break. Robin was already on the show for 4 years when Ally joined. She had already starred as the title role in The Princess Bride. She had already been nominated for 3 Emmys. Every fan saw and knew what a brilliant actress she is. I really doubt that she was taking lessons from A and Marcy in 1988.

    • Re: Ally Walker quoteNicolas, Mon Sep 18 18:44
      You're right! Thank you for sharing. I'm going to find this SOD issue now! ;-) Nicolas
      • Ally Walker quoteCapwells4ever, Thu Sep 21 22:52
        The page is posted up on the Santa Barbara forever page on facebook.
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