Re: Please help
Sun Mar 11, 2018 18:09

Hi Miriam,

As you can find it here:, you can use the Russian forum "We don't say goodbye" to watch episodes.
Email me if you have trouble with it.


  • Please helpMiriam, Sun Mar 11 11:15
    Hi everyone!! I am shocked, because on the last days you tube has cancelled all the sites where we can rewatch Santa Barbara again, I was seein episode 770 and now I am desperate. Please, if anyone... more
    • Re: Please helpThi, Tue Mar 20 09:37
      Miriam, I too was so sad when this happened. I felt so happy to find these videos so I could discover the storylines I had missed and relive the ones I had seen when originally aired but then my joy... more
      • Santa Barbara DVDs Brian, Sun Apr 29 17:42
        I've gotten many Santa Barbara DVDs from this site, very good quality and reliable seller. She has much much more than what's listed on her site if you contact her.... more
      • Re: Please helpMiriam, Tue Mar 20 23:30
        Try the forum!!! It's fine, the episodes had'nt had the same quality as the ones on you tube on SantaBarbara 1984-1993, but are great!!! I don't know what happened, CandyEden videos dissapeared too...
        • Re: Please helpThi, Wed Mar 21 05:16
          Do you know where on the forum/site are the links to the videos? Having some trouble navigating my way around.
    • Re: Please help — Nicolas, Sun Mar 11 18:09
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