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barbara josephson
2 locust dales
Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:16

While researching my Umlauf family I find some living in Butler (Locust Dale), which is in Schuylkill county and some living in Locust Dale(Conyngham),which is Columbia County. Where there two distinct places with the same name? Thank you for any help.

    • 2 Locustdalesbarefootrebelgirl, Sun Jan 22 12:01
      Hi, Barbara~ There's actually only 1 Locustdale~but part of it is in Schuylkill County, part in Northumberland County and part in Columbia County~the house my father was born in was intersected by... more
      • locust dalebarbara josephson, Mon Jan 23 09:05
        Thanks, that clears the muddied waters.
        • Locustdalebarefootrebelgirl, Mon Jan 23 10:45
          anytime! :-)
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