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Wed May 9, 2012 19:12

If they were in Ashland by 1860, any births around that time frame, would have been baptized at St. Joseph's in Ashland. The church was established before 1860. They should a a couple of them at least, then you will have the maiden name of Kate ( Catherine) With Catherine being born in 1840, but it was probably earlier, the marriage may be at St. Joseph's also
If any of the Children were born in Gilberton, The church would have been Holy Rosary, but I don't have my list of dates established and I'm not sure if it had been established by 1880
I'm at work right now, I will try searching this evening when I am at home.

  • John MurphyJohn Murphy, Wed May 9 09:49
    The father's name is John Murphy born 1830 in Ireland. The mother's name is Catherine, sometimes listed as Kate, born 1840 sometimes listed as Ireland and other times as NY. The children were Thomas... more
    • Murphy in Ashlandedelva7334, Wed May 9 23:40
      Looking at your John Murphy in Ashland by 1860, Catherine's age is listed at 20 and their first child listed, Thomas, is only 2 yrs old and Mary 8 mos. Most likely the children were Batized at St.... more
      • John MurphyJohn Murphy, Thu May 10 06:29
        Thank you for all this information. My wife and I will make the drive to the Pootsville area and visit the churches and hopefully find more.
    • Murphy — Elizabeth, Wed May 9 19:12
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