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Murphy in Ashland
Wed May 9, 2012 23:40

Looking at your John Murphy in Ashland by 1860,
Catherine's age is listed at 20 and their first
child listed, Thomas, is only 2 yrs old and Mary
8 mos.
Most likely the children were Batized at St. Joseph's
Church in Ashland, the marriage may have taken place there also.
I found one John of the right age in 1850, but the head of the
house that I am assuming is mother to those listed has the given
name Julianne. Normally, that would have been one of the names
given to one of John's daughters if they had followed naming
Since you can't know what year the family moved to Gilberton,
for sure, it would not be a bad idea to check St. Joseph's
for all of the Baptisms on the children listed in the 1880
In 1890, John Sr. is not with the family, who were still living
in Gilberton, Listed on page 265 as:
Murphy, Catharine. Thomas J. 30, coal miner; Patrick 27, coal
miner; John 23, laborer; Kate, tailoress, Annie, Lizzie, Bridget,
Mary, William 19, laborer.
Unfortunately, the 1890 directory did not list the ages of the females
in the household, so you are left to guess, was Mary born to John
and Catherine after 1880, or is she possibly a wife to one of the sons,
or maybe a cousin staying with the family. and the directory is listed
alphabetically, so you don't get an immediate idea of who was living
next door, Margaret isn't listed, by 1890 she would have been about 19,
so she may have gotten married, same story with Michael
In thechurch cemetery, there is nothing that you can actually say,
this is my Murphy line.
I think if you get the Baptism records, with the godparents names,
you'll have more clues to family relationships, when you see who
the godparents are

Good luck,

  • John MurphyJohn Murphy, Wed May 9 09:49
    The father's name is John Murphy born 1830 in Ireland. The mother's name is Catherine, sometimes listed as Kate, born 1840 sometimes listed as Ireland and other times as NY. The children were Thomas... more
    • Murphy in Ashland — edelva7334, Wed May 9 23:40
      • John MurphyJohn Murphy, Thu May 10 06:29
        Thank you for all this information. My wife and I will make the drive to the Pootsville area and visit the churches and hopefully find more.
    • MurphyElizabeth, Wed May 9 19:12
      If they were in Ashland by 1860, any births around that time frame, would have been baptized at St. Joseph's in Ashland. The church was established before 1860. They should a a couple of them at... more
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