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wayne Krantz
Zerby relatives
Tue Jul 30, 2013 13:38

Andrew, I remember several of my senior, deceased relatives mentioning that name when I was younger..........and don't know if they were talking about neighbors or relatives or friends...........does the name Krantz do anything for you???......

  • Mike ZerbyAndrew Zerbe, Sun Jul 28 18:44
    Am looking for any information available on my grandparents Mike and Bertha Zerby. Only record that have been able to find is the 1930 census. Would especially like to know where they lived and are... more
    • Zerby relatives — wayne Krantz, Tue Jul 30 13:38
      • Zerby familyAndrew Zerbe, Wed Jul 31 18:17
        Sorry the Krantz name does not sound familiar. If I ever heard it, it would have been over 50 years ago.
      • ZerbeSally, Wed Jul 31 08:39
        Andrew, You didn't mention where your Zerbes were from. There were Zerbes in Zerbe (formerly Newtown) Schuylkill County. If you care to send me an e-mail I can prob. tell you what I remember about... more
        • ZerbeAndrew Zerbe, Thu Aug 1 07:36
          All I know is that they lived in Tower City somewhere. I have very vague memories of visiting it as a child. That's about all I can tell you.
        • Zerby familyAndrew Zerbe, Wed Jul 31 18:20
          The 1930 census report shows them living in Porter. I remember my dad telling me that he grew up in Tower City and went to school in Brownsville. Hope that is of some help.
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