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Wed Jul 31, 2013 08:39

Andrew, You didn't mention where your Zerbes were from. There were Zerbes in Zerbe (formerly Newtown) Schuylkill County. If you care to send me an e-mail I can prob. tell you what I remember about them. Sally

  • Zerby relativeswayne Krantz, Tue Jul 30 13:38
    Andrew, I remember several of my senior, deceased relatives mentioning that name when I was younger..........and don't know if they were talking about neighbors or relatives or friends...........does ... more
    • Zerby familyAndrew Zerbe, Wed Jul 31 18:17
      Sorry the Krantz name does not sound familiar. If I ever heard it, it would have been over 50 years ago.
    • Zerbe — Sally, Wed Jul 31 08:39
      • ZerbeAndrew Zerbe, Thu Aug 1 07:36
        All I know is that they lived in Tower City somewhere. I have very vague memories of visiting it as a child. That's about all I can tell you.
      • Zerby familyAndrew Zerbe, Wed Jul 31 18:20
        The 1930 census report shows them living in Porter. I remember my dad telling me that he grew up in Tower City and went to school in Brownsville. Hope that is of some help.
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