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Sharman L. Carroll
Need help on my 2grt grandfather obituray , Martin Zimmerman
Sat Dec 21, 2013 13:56

I need act of kindness on my 2xgrt grandfather Martin Zimmerman in the Ravine/ Pine Grove area.
He died Aug 8,1903 buried Aug 11,1903, obituary.
Wife was Louisa/ Lucy Trumb, Ida Zimmerman Bowers, Rebecca Zimmerman Bowers, Percival,Mary Zimmerman Kendter, Sallie Zimmerman Hari, George Zimmerman, Kittie Anna Zimmerman Jimison,, Clara Elimira Zimmerman Haldeman
Martin lived on the back side of Ravine which is log house is still being lived. It has been added on ,now the barn is gone, the natural spring is still being used. His farm was and still 13 acres. I was told there is a picture of the Log house before and after.
Any help would be appreciated
Sharman Carroll great granddaughter.

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