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Re: Slavish Cemetery St. Clair
Wed Sep 10, 2014 17:57 and Billion Graves definitely may not have all marked graves listed. I think Billion Graves has a smartphone app that makes uploading the gravestone photos easy, and adds GPS coordinates, so the cemetery listings on this site tend to be more complete. However, stones are often missed, especially if they're overgrown or have fallen over.

If my quick Ancestry search is accurate, Andrew's son Martin Motto is buried in Immaculate Conception Cemetery, which is promising:

There is a section of Immaculate Conception Cemetery that appears to have not been photographed ("GPS gap" on cemetery map showing grave locations), so maybe Andrew's stone is in that section. Your best bet is to inquire with the parish at the phone # I gave above; the cemetery caretaker may be familiar with the stone.

Good luck!

  • Re: Slavish Cemetery St. Clairmottomb, Tue Sep 9 22:29
    Thanks for all the information! Do you think that sites like have a complete list of all the people buried at the cemeteries on their site ? Since I couldn't find his grave on the site ... more
    • Re: Slavish Cemetery St. Clair — Anonymous, Wed Sep 10 17:57
      • Re: Slavish Cemeterymottomb, Wed Sep 10 20:21
        You are right! Andrew's son Martin is buried at Immaculate Conception so I am really hopeful he is also there! I called the number you gave me for the Parrish and spoke to a gentleman there, that has ... more
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