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1980 Honda CX500 Delux
Wed Jan 30, 2008 06:25 (XFF:

hello seller,
i'm interested in purchasing this item which you Advertised in one of the site you place it, please kindly get back to me with condition of this item and the final asking price , i can only raise a certified check,money order and personal check for the mode of payment, you do not need to borader about the shipping process in addition i am using my shipping company that i have been using for the past some years ago is a trust and honest shipping company, i am presently in New york and i will order my accountant to issue the payment plus the shipping company fees,and your contact information to mail out the payment to you as soon as possible.Regards.
Name you want on check:Home Address:city:State:Country:zipe code:Email address:
phone number.
NOTE:The only question i will like to ask u is;
1. Can we trust u with the money?
2. Will u be able to wire transfer the excess the same day u receive the CHECK?
3. Is the item is brand new?
4. Can we take u for ur words?
5.Why do you want to sell the item?

with ur reply to this questions,it will give me the power to issue out the check for u as soon as possible.And again which name is to be written on the CHECK,is it going to be on the address u gave me or what? get back to me ASAP to futher show ur interest in selling the item for my friend.

  • 1980 Honda CX500 Deluxe Anonymous, Thu Oct 11 04:16
    good day, I mail to know if your 1980 Honda CX500 Deluxe above still available for sale, I saw it advert pasted and subject for sale, i am higly interested to purchase and also to know your LAST... more
    • d1jj3 Anonymous, Sat Feb 23 12:06
      please send pics if you have any i am interested in your bike and would be glad to make a offer. thanks david
    • 1980 Honda CX500 Delux pat, Wed Jan 30 06:25
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