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2008 hayabuza 1300GSXR
Thu Nov 27, 2008 16:56 (XFF:

hi am casson a bike dealer in uk london i need a woman who can be my soulmate and who will be older than me to advice me on my bussines so i think having you out of all will be good for me.

please reply me.

    • 2008 hayabuza 1300GSXR igiigbala, Tue Mar 23 17:50
      Hello there,and how are you doing today? I will like to know if you are the owner of the item you placed for sell?Can you tell me the present condition and the final price you will be selling it,Am... more
    • buying Roy Ramsey, Wed Sep 2 07:08
      I am willing to buythe 2008 hayabuza bike,send me pics if available,i pay as possible if motorbike is in good working conditions, Thanks, Roy.
      • hayabuza Anonymous, Wed Sep 2 11:25
        the price is $6500 REPLY TO:
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