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Those statues to be built for the Fantastic Four
Wed Oct 12, 2016 18:35

Statues for fantastic four

Should these statue wards be given to athletes still competing on the world stage?

What is the criteria used to determine who gets a statue built in their honor?

Is this a popularity contest or is the quality of world and Olympic medals the main criteria used to determine the 'statue' awards?
Obviously not, because Yohan, Melaine, Elaine and Bridgette have out performed at least one person on that list.

What body determines who is awarded statues, or is it the Minister of sports who makes that determination based on whims and fancies.

Personally, I do not believe that these awards should be given to an athlete while they are still performing on the world stage (sorry Usain, but even you would have to wait). Like the USA with its halls of fame, I would have a rule that states that the athlete should retire for at lest FOUR years.

I am not certain of the athletes who have been awarded 'statues', but I don't recall any statue for Deon Hemmings.

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