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I saw 2 types of criticism over the current celebrations
Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:57

One voicing concern over the choice for statues. While the other questioning the spending of money on this event.

I really thought it was a joke. I am surprised anyone would question the decision to make a statue of Asafa. I also agree that there can be guidelines in place detailing the criteria etc. It would also be nice to have a statue of all the Greats like even Hemmings etc. But none of these logics is valid enough to disqualify Asafa's candidacy.

While he has not gotten that individual olympic medal, achieving a world record in the premier track event; gaining athlete of the year honour for season-long success; recording the most sub-10 times - a testimony of consistency; and elevating Jamaica to sprinting immortality, are not to be scoffed at! It is laughable that anyone would even make this a subject.

Why do we think the only way to bring our point across is to discredit, compare or criticize?

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