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This loss might be the best thing that has ever happened to
Sun Aug 6, 2017 04:43

Bolt. I think that because of this, there's a very good chance we'll be seeing him in the 2019 and 2020 majors.
It is possible that he'll start rethinking his partying and binge drinking ways.
He shall also realize that he's been slowly and unnecessarily destroying one of the most gifted athletic temples God has ever bestowed on man, by investing the wrong choice of 'spirited' liquids. Maybe he'll learn to appreciate what he has been able to do so effortlessly since he was born and try to salvage what is left of it.
This loss that he has suffered to Fats-hit might be the best thing that has happened to his career and his legendary status because we might now be able to see much more of him.

    • face ..thats how he is being remembered ... I hope this sparks the real USAIN BOLT for 2019 2020 ..
    • Real talk. Really doubt the race last night will beTime2machine, Sun Aug 6 07:19
      his last individual race. Man still young, in 2020 will be only 33!! Him want to enjoy life...HE'S THE MOST TESTED athlete to EVER WALK THIS PLANET!! Think want to be free, but I think a break will... more
    • The more I think about itJack F, Sun Aug 6 04:55
      Even though Bigbelly said he won't take Usain back if he returns, I have to think that neither Bolt nor Mills want to end his career like this. Between age, injuries and Germaine's death, I know his... more
      • Main problem is no globals next yearwayajol, Sat Aug 12 19:39
        ...diamond league ain't gonna motivate how does anyone get him passed the off year....this one more year wasn't by merely extended his career to the point where most people... more
        • Maybe he pulls an MJ circa '93...Aviator, Sat Aug 12 21:29
          Plays soccer and drinks Rum to his heart's content, but that may get boring quickly and will resort to the one thing that has brought him joy. Jordan's vice was gambling, Bolt is rum. Jordan thought... more
      • RE:boltBling St Paul, Sun Aug 6 05:49
        Nigma. I would love him to contine as well but I don't think he will do that. I heard that he as been partying very hard over the last couple of weeks and drinking to the tilt. The problem is he just ... more
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