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Choko asked me to post this:
Wed Aug 9, 2017 14:56

A heartfelt response to the earlier article in this string!

Why oh why do we always have to prove something to other people? Tired of us having to teach someone something.

I wanted him to WIN!

He gave hope when he won the first Olympics. Gave us cause for celebration and triumph with the second set. And proved to the galaxy that this little patch of islands can be powerful....with the 3rd he scared the living daylights of all of them.

You think the rest of the cricketing world not happy we failing?They know more than anyone else *WHAT* we are capable of...... And no way will FIFA allow us BECAUSE of that to register as one.

I wanted him to win! Anyway...

Everyone must have their own opinion!
By Jamaican Travis McMillan.
I’m so happy Bolt lost his last race in London.

Especially on the eve of our 55th Year of Independence Day from the British monarchy.

No, I’m not trying to be facetious or cynical…. I’m genuinely happy he lost. In my opinion it was the best outcome for the end of Bolt’s racing career.

We just witnessed Jamaica’s most popular living legend lose on the world stage, his last race ever. Would we have objected to him sulking, or even crying for losing in front of so many cheering committed fans? He could’ve even waved to the fans, and walked out to lick his wounds. We wouldn’t have blamed him. Without doubt, we would’ve done the unfortunate thing of looking for an excuse or someone to blame. Then, we’d have taken our anger out on the pantomime foe who defeated our dearly beloved hero.

What did our national ambassador do?
He immediately congratulated the winner.
He then thanked his fans for all their years of unquestioned passion and loyalty. Spent as much time as he could to soak up their love and give back as much appreciation as possible in front of thousands.

He showed how grateful he is for his achievements. The things he’s worked hard for, are cemented in time. A triple-double record, with numerous World Record times to his name. Unbeatable…? Maybe, but memorable, absolutely!

Then, why would losing his last race be the best outcome instead of going out on a win?

Because Bolt demonstrated incredible humility. He showed the World the best a Jamaican could be. Humble and happy, yet proud of his country. He’s bigger than a single race, or a single day in his long career, and thankfully he’s well aware of that. He’s our global ambassador, whether he likes it or not, many young Jamaican’s look up to him as a torch for what they can become. From a forgotten corner of society with slim opportunities, you can rise to greatness. Many Jamaican’s, albeit not as famous, but still many, have done similarly. Bolt’s publicity has just made the dream more visible for everyone to see.

What better way to illustrate to our friendly and proud mother, Britain in her own capital, on every TV across the World, that Jamaica on its 55th birthday is old enough to be grateful for what we’ve achieved, and confident enough to move on with life. Imagine the love and admiration every country in the world now has for Jamaica. In less than 10 seconds, Bolt showed them how powerful we are, but also, how warm and friendly we can be - regardless of the outcome!

Bolt is giving children in Jamaica hope, but more importantly demonstrating grace without all the excessive hubris the world has regretfully fallen in love with. We’re all grown up now. Sure, we have got a lot of work to do, but Bolt has shown the world the best Jamaica can be. Now, hopefully this will inspire Jamaican’s to follow in his stride.

Happy 55th Jamaica. Thank you Usain Bolt!

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