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Wed Aug 9, 2017 16:55

Jamaica need to go back to the process where only the first 2 are assured of representing the country, because all these sprinters peak for trials and now come world championship they have loss of form . Ramona Burchell would perform better than most of those female sprinters that they send. look at the woman 400h Hurdlers Russell is better than Whyte and Nugent.

    • Something needs to changeJack F, Wed Aug 9 17:17
      Perhaps more of our prospects need to go the NCAA route. Disagree? Look at our sole champion right now.
    • NO, the process need fi stay the same!! Time2machine, Wed Aug 9 17:03
      Ramona Burchell need fi keep working hard moving forward fi get automatic spot pon team, same for Russell, maybe a injury past would've done her better at trials than take part injury!! Then she... more
      • wether thy r up to par at the camp or not please note money has already spent to take them , they r already entered in there events what can be done at that late stage,
        • Zackly!Infama, Wed Aug 9 18:38
          3rd spot should be discretion. Common horse cant win derby.
    • good thought (nm)pthomp, Wed Aug 9 16:57
    • 100% agree. (nm)Infama, Wed Aug 9 16:57
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