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'The Blessed is clearly no match for 'The Beast'
Wed Aug 9, 2017 17:26

l told Time2,in a post below.that I could not share his enthusiasm or expectations for Blake.

I explained that lately,starting with 2016 Olympics, his best races are in the preliminaries.The result obtained today was about what I expected. Catastrophic injuries have permanently altered his flight path to a lower trajectory;just as it did to Kerron Stewart

So I was not disappointed because of expectations cut from the moorings of reality.

We must begin the hard task of reconciling enthusiasm to reality.

    • not smoothmarketyoda, Wed Aug 9 18:54
      main thing I notice since Blake operation is that he is not as smooth as before Blake has always been a bulky guy and most of his improvement can be attributed to his strength levels IMO. we need to... more
    • Let me repost this here!!Time2machine, Wed Aug 9 18:12
      I responded to your post before I saw dis one, so mi a re-post it here! Well, we've seen a total meltdown of Yohan in the individual events. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and for the second... more
    • seriously have to look at carefully and cautiously preparing our young talent over the next 2-3 years while the older crew hold the fort ...Blake, Nesta Carter, Ashmeade, Powell, Dwyer, Weir (dont... more
    • cut down on weights ... he seems to love the show of body builder credentials ....forget that ...give him another none Olympic or WC year and take it from there
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