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I've been wanting to post this but let's do it now.
Thu Aug 10, 2017 09:13

If I were to criticize one thing by MVP it would be their "apparent" preparation strategy in the 400m.

I saw it in 2008/2009 with Shericka Williams; in 2013 with McPherson, and in 2015/2016 with Shericka Jackson and some extent Day.

In my opinion, the common vein is these athletes had the talent to perform much better but were either scared to run faster than they had done before or just blew up in the race.

In tactically races like the 400m you cannot run the race in "parts" throughout the season then expect to piece it together in the championships. Unless there is 100% courage and trust in the process. We keep hearing experts on here talk about "running under instructions" blah blah blah. But without running a proper dress rehearsal - even in training - it is a big risk to expect to do it in championships.

I will put it out there that that is the deficiency of the MVP 400m programme. The same one that Rusheen McDonald struggles with. I think the deficiency is all psychological but the coaches could change their strategy to improve that. It's the reason why they almost always run a big time somewhere in the championships - just not always in the finals. Eg. Jackson ran 49.8 in semis , Williams ran about 49.5 in semis. And of course the famous 43.9 from McDonald in the heats.

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