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Why is it we feel that we cant rival our medal haul
Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:59

Post Bolt ? Think about this Pre Bolt , we struggled to get a man in a 100m final, basically none in the 110m hurdler ,struggled with a 200m runners ,same with the 400m & 400m hurdlers.

Now we have

* 100m runners who couldnt make the Jamaican team so they ran for other nations, still have 1 in a final excluding Bolt.

*200m- 3 in a semifinal,granted none made the final.

*110 meter - 1 Gold and another to rival him,if he didnt hit a hurdle which makes two.

* 400m- We have two that made a final ,when was the last time that happened

* 400m Hurdles- 1 in a final and 1 that has the potential to also be a finalist.

The women have more depth than the men , to the point where we have 800m runners,Look we have 4 in a semifinal today.

I believe we can match the medals we had in the Bolt area in the future, it wont be as consistent as the Bolt era which was ridiculous, but ( every other) 4 years is achievable.

Another point how many Track clubs we had pre Bolt , how many do we have now and they are growing !

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