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OK, mek mi seh it. Nuff man ah talk pon sprintzone
Fri Aug 11, 2017 13:45

how WVN can bruk Bolt 200m record and how him as good as Bolt.


Great as he is...HE IS NO BOLT. Mi tell unno long time, not even sure him good like MJ.

If Mak was not sick, he would have pressured WVN in the 400m (he would need to run more like 43.5s to ensure victory) and thus ensure he would NOT be on the podium for the 200m IF he even made the final.

Yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda, yadda conditions bad, but Rio was about the same last year and Bolt ran 19.79s and the rest didnt break 20s!!! 2nd was AdG at 20.02 and 3rd was 20.12s.

BOLT bruk him WR always after rounds and the 200m always after 6 races at least. In Beijing Olys, there were 4 rounds in the 100m and 200! Not 3 like now.

Times for the 200m were: 20.64/20.29/20.09/19.30 and for the 100m 10.20/9.92/9.85/9.69!!!!!!!!!!

WR bruk after 4 races and after 8 races. Not nuh 3 round thing like now.

WVN nuh fit fi tie Bolt shoes lace. Yes he is the best star we have now, but dont try Boltify him, when him still need fi equal MJ 200m prowess and doubling ability. If him cyaan win 200m final whe run in a good Class 1 Champs time, how people cant compare him to St Leo??? Mi dun talk


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