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A Real Roll-a-Coaster 400m year!
Sat Aug 12, 2017 08:56

The rise of
1. Nathan Allen 44.19
2. Demish Gaye 44.55

3. Peter Matthews just split (44.78 on start i have seen from him, that is equivalent to 44.4x on any other leg)

Jamaica had a slew of other that could form 4x4
4. Akeem Bloomfield (Injured at Trials) with SB PB 44.74 2017
5. Javon Francis (Injured all year) with PB 44.50 2015
6. Fitzroy Dunkley (injured) 45.06 PB 2016
7. Steven Gayle (poor form after NCAAs) 44.99 in May 2017 (DQ in 400 running approx 47 and Split 46 on 2nd leg of 4x4 disappointing )
8. Rusheen McDonald (Injured most of year.. but ran 45.19 to Q for WC with PB 43.93 ...was expecting improvement to be 44.9x shape ..instead delivered mid 46 relay split (to be confirmed)

9. Christopher "Fabulous" Taylor 45.27 PB 2015 45.41 2017 scared off by the great times being put down by all the 400 crew ...we surely could have used him today ...

10. I am still crying over Martin Manley demise ..this Jnr ran 45.89 in 2013 .. ...46.09 May 2017

400M selection need to be scrutinized ...too many fall off before or after trials ...or should be carefully monitored for these big drop offs

What happened today was unacceptable!

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