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Things my mother taught me!
Tue Sep 12, 2017 16:56

Things my Mother taught me.
1-My Mother taught me about Anticipation. "'Chile, just wait till we reach home"
2- My Mother taught me about Receiving.
"Yuh go get ah good cut ass when we reach home!"
3- My Mother taught me to Meet a Challenge.
"What di ass yuh thinking bout?" Answer meh when ah talk to you...child...doh talk back to me!
4- My Mother taught me Consequences.
"If yuh run across de road an' ah car lick yu dong, ah goin' kill yuh wid licks."
5- My Mother taught me The Value of Education.
"If yuh doh go to school, yuh go pick up garbage on de street"
6- My Mother taught me Humour.
"If yuh don't eat food, breeze goin' blow yuh 'way"
7- My Mother taught me how to Become an Adult.
"Come an tek yu licks like ah man"
8- My Mother taught me about Sex
" yu tink yuh come from de sky?"
9- My Mother taught me about Genetics
"Yu dey jus like yuh fadda"
10- My Mother taught me about Wisdom of Age.
" When yu get to be as ole as me, yuh go understand.
11- And my all time favourite. Justice.
" One day wen you have children , a hope dey treat yuh De same way!"

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