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!10H will be entertaining in 2018 JA vs World
Wed Oct 11, 2017 13:25 (XFF:

1. Omar Mcleod 12.90 - I am still amazed that a 5'11'' Jamaican (former KC#1 lol) rule the world AND that behind him are also several other world-class talents

2. Ronald Levy 13.05 - Amazing 2017 almost a rookie

3. Hansle Parchment PB is 12.94 and is in the mix

4. Andrew Riley 13.14 pb no slouch

5. De'Jour Russell 13.34 (schoolboy)
6. Young Rohan Cole 13.58
7. Tyler Mason and the other young talent out of FL ...

Just amazing see JA poised ...

    • Now, what about 100mh women?herbertmcfarlane, Wed Oct 11 17:46
      I see much development in the next 2 years. I'm watching Shamyra Williams from MVP;I think Franno is poised to spring another Foster Hylton on us;and let us not forget this crop of talented class 2... more
      • she is the best of all .. There are indeed a number Girls that go to the next level - Rushelle Burton - Megan Simmonds Shamyra seem to be taking some time to develop as hurdler ..the good thing is... more
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