Next Big Thing
Who is where now?
Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:33

With all these transfers , some going pro, and new freshmen who are some of the notable athletes to look out for this weekend?

Edward Clark (NSU)
He's moved on from Florida State to now being a "demon" at Northwestern State. I would have loved to see what a 3/4 Jamaican 4x1 relay team would have done this year wth Clarke, Mattherson, Ewers.

Mattherson (FSU)
With this new environment and hopefully the same burning desire to run fast, we will see him creating waves in the ACC

Christoff Bryan (FSU)
Lets welcome him back to competition. Again, in a new environment lets see what a fit and focused Bryan will produce. I believe he should be on the plane to Doha later this year.

Raheem Chambers (Miami)
One of the many to pull the plug on Auburn. As others have posted on the forum, we don't know what went awry in Auburn. I am of the belief that he moved so he could be closer to Allen and the crew (If you get what i'm saying).

Nattaliah Whyte (FAU)
Has battled injuries in her seasons at Auburn, but always seem to produce big runs when it matters. Hopefully, she will still have the motivating words of Jonielle to push her to her best.

Renee Shaw (FAU)
Also with Whyte at FAU, hopefully she will have a break out year.

Shadae Lawrence (CSU)
Followed her coach and moved to Colorado. She has become a staple on our senior team trips and I hope she will be healthy to defend her NCAA discuss title in June.

Lavaun Stephenson (Kansas State)
Former St.Jago 400m/H and sprint hurdles, . Hopefully she will find what her niche is and find it quick

Taishia Pryce (Kansas State)
Stand out NAIA athlete while at Wiley. Now in her Junior Season at K-State, lets see if they try to turn her into a sprinter like they did with Julanne Walker.

Feel free to add the many more

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