Enigma 101
Dorraine Samuels
Mon Jan 14, 2019 01:29

Well done, 40 years in the business. Starting out at a young age of 18 years, little qualification, Dorraine was groomed for radio, knowing of her communication delivery.

Many bright graduates with the same dreams and aspirations for be in radio, are met with little chance to have a career as a broadcaster, from years ago, till now.

Times are hard, and schools are pushing out qualified and capable people, with little opportunity for all. 40 years in radio, rings colonial days all over again, especially when you go on interviews, and they tell you, sorry, we are seeking people with experience. Thatís deflating to hear, in a country like Jamaica, and the dutty tough.

Visa line is long for a reason. Free up, food fi run, people are desperate for just that one break in life.
Itís easy, give her all the awards, like daaah, the woman spent 40 years at the helm.

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