Mr. Elrod
Hey boyzzzz
Mon Oct 9, 2017 9:09pm

Good to be back here. I'm checking in like Jim wanted. Haven't heard from Matt either but will msg him soon.

    • The One, The Only, MR ELROD!!!.....Jim Patton, Tue Oct 10 12:22am
      GREAT to hear from you good sir!!! How is the world treating you? Well I hope!! Yes, it is that time of year again, (and a year from now, He comes home again for a 40th anniversary get together!!)... more
      • Re: The One, The Only, MR ELROD!!!.....Mr. Elrod, Thu Oct 12 11:28pm
        Doing well, Jim. Mrs. Elrod and I recently divorced after 32 years. I finally had enough of that pink robe, and her calling me "Harold!" Seriously, here we are again, nearing our favorite day,... more
        • Hey, Hey, Hey!...Mark -, Sat Oct 14 2:44am
          Mr. E! Jim! We're back! I'm really sorry to hear about you getting divorced Mr. E but besides the pink robe, I can only imagine there's only so many bloody ham sandwiches a man can eat. I don't know... more
          • Mark...Mr. Elrod, Mon Oct 16 4:58pm
            I have to agree with you bro, about those two movies should be one long movie. I hate to see the new offering positioned after the first movie, as H-2 is my favorite of the collection. However, as... more
            • I totally agree with you...Mark -, Tue Oct 17 9:25pm
              When Laurie fell to the ground in the beginning, the movie was over and I didn't really care what happened after that. I would think JC would have something to contribute with the music if he's... more