Mark -
Hey, Hey, Hey!...
Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:44am

Mr. E! Jim! We're back! I'm really sorry to hear about you getting divorced Mr. E but besides the pink robe, I can only imagine there's only so many bloody ham sandwiches a man can eat.

I don't know if you're on Facebook but the halloweenmovies page has listed some details about the upcoming movie and I just "Liked" John Carpenters page also and there's an interview with him about the movie. He does say it picks up right after the first movie like none of the other movies exist.

Me personally 1 and 2 are 1 movie (somewhat) and it should pick up after 2 but what do I know. Really, what's the difference if they pick up the story after he gets shot off the balcony and runs off or he's a Post Toastie in the other.

  • Re: The One, The Only, MR ELROD!!!.....Mr. Elrod, Thu Oct 12 11:28pm
    Doing well, Jim. Mrs. Elrod and I recently divorced after 32 years. I finally had enough of that pink robe, and her calling me "Harold!" Seriously, here we are again, nearing our favorite day,... more
    • JLC and all that is to see....Jim Patton, Sat Oct 28 7:44pm
      Expound I can!! JLC and JC have both stepped up their involvement in H2018. JLC has agreed to come back of course, and that is in part due to how good the material supposedly is and JC's involvement. ... more
      • Re: JLC and all that is to see....Mr. Elrod, Mon Oct 30 2:04pm
        Jim, thanks for the overview. This movie obviously has a good chance now with the best people making it happen. I haven't been able to locate Matt Russell. Hopefully he'll check in to the message... more
    • Hey, Hey, Hey!... — Mark -, Sat Oct 14 2:44am
      • I agree, H1 and H2 do seem a set...James Patton, Sat Oct 28 7:47pm
        I too dislike hearing that they are doing away with including H2. With as much as we do for inmates, an eye operation would not have been out of the question to give MM his sight back. I hope it is... more
        • Happy HalloweeN to you too Jim!..Mark -, Sun Oct 29 2:06am
          You're right about his eyes. I've always thought Michael had some regenerating ability going on since he has to take a little nap before he gets back up to kill again. So he could technically... more
      • Mark...Mr. Elrod, Mon Oct 16 4:58pm
        I have to agree with you bro, about those two movies should be one long movie. I hate to see the new offering positioned after the first movie, as H-2 is my favorite of the collection. However, as... more
        • I have always felt Laurie could have been covered....James Patton, Sat Oct 28 7:52pm
          Laurie falling into trees in H8, for me, made it very easy to bring her back from that if they wanted. I know that was supposedly a cameo she did to end her character, but felt it was done in an open ... more
          • That's an interesting storyline...Mark -, Sun Oct 29 2:15am
            Which made me think of something. Do we now assume that Hunter von Leer will not be in this next movie since he was in H2 and not H1 and this version is following after H1? You're right about Laurie, ... more
            • That's a good question about Hunter...James Patton, Sun Oct 29 4:34pm
              I forgot that he didn't appear till H2. Yeah, I guess in theory they could include him since we are to take it that H2 and H1 were the same night and he was on the force (Brackett's 2nd in command as ... more
        • I totally agree with you...Mark -, Tue Oct 17 9:25pm
          When Laurie fell to the ground in the beginning, the movie was over and I didn't really care what happened after that. I would think JC would have something to contribute with the music if he's... more