James Patton
Alan is 69... and very much alive!!!! (nm)
Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:54pm

  • I totally agree with you...Mark -, Tue Oct 17 9:25pm
    When Laurie fell to the ground in the beginning, the movie was over and I didn't really care what happened after that. I would think JC would have something to contribute with the music if he's... more
    • Alan is 69... and very much alive!!!! (nm) — James Patton, Sat Oct 28 7:54pm
      • Ack!, I didn't mean that Michael got him...Mark -, Sun Oct 29 1:58am
        I just meant if he was still around doing music or had retired. I didn't know he's 69 but I guess still around could have been taken as not with us. :)
        • I worked a couple references in there...James Patton, Sun Oct 29 4:28pm
          I thought you meant dearly departed, so I happily paraphrased an H6 reference into my previous answer... (He is not dead... not even "very much retired" so to speak!!) I believe he has offered to... more