Mark -
That's an interesting storyline...
Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:15am

Which made me think of something. Do we now assume that Hunter von Leer will not be in this next movie since he was in H2 and not H1 and this version is following after H1?

You're right about Laurie, I always took that as the end for her but she could have been brought back to fight another day from there.

So many possibilities with so many story lines and untied loose ends and the ability to add more characters.

  • I have always felt Laurie could have been covered....James Patton, Sat Oct 28 7:52pm
    Laurie falling into trees in H8, for me, made it very easy to bring her back from that if they wanted. I know that was supposedly a cameo she did to end her character, but felt it was done in an open ... more
    • That's an interesting storyline... — Mark -, Sun Oct 29 2:15am
      • That's a good question about Hunter...James Patton, Sun Oct 29 4:34pm
        I forgot that he didn't appear till H2. Yeah, I guess in theory they could include him since we are to take it that H2 and H1 were the same night and he was on the force (Brackett's 2nd in command as ... more