James Patton
I worked a couple references in there...
Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:28pm

I thought you meant dearly departed, so I happily paraphrased an H6 reference into my previous answer... (He is not dead... not even "very much retired" so to speak!!)

I believe he has offered to help with the music.

Sorry about any confusion... when discussing this series, if someone asks if someone is still around, I guess the worst can be assumed!!

  • Ack!, I didn't mean that Michael got him...Mark -, Sun Oct 29 1:58am
    I just meant if he was still around doing music or had retired. I didn't know he's 69 but I guess still around could have been taken as not with us. :)
    • I worked a couple references in there... — James Patton, Sun Oct 29 4:28pm