Filming completed...
Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:52am

From what I remember reading filming is completed. Now we just wait for more info and the movie and hopefully it is great.

  • Re: Filming recently started on the new movie...Mr. Elrod, Fri Jan 26 10:28am
    Thanks for the heads up, Mark. Another great movie to look forward to. Now if Jim Patton would “come home”, we could all debate the coming year. You too, Matt Russell. Elrod
    • Filming completed... — Mark, Wed Mar 28 1:52am
      • Re: Filming completed...Mr. Elrod, Thu Mar 29 7:43am
        Thanks for the update Mark. Can't wait to see this film, been a long time since the last one. It should be great.
        • After all...Mark, Sun Apr 8 7:33pm
          How bad can it be with John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle. We should be anticipating something above average or like we've already said GREAT!
          • Re: After all...Mr. Elrod, Mon Apr 9 9:56am
            Indeed Mark, indeed. I’m getting antsy as I read your post. Elrod