Mr. Elrod
Re: Filming completed...
Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:43am

Thanks for the update Mark. Can't wait to see this film, been a long time since the last one. It should be great.

  • Filming completed...Mark, Wed Mar 28 1:52am
    From what I remember reading filming is completed. Now we just wait for more info and the movie and hopefully it is great.
    • Re: Filming completed... — Mr. Elrod, Thu Mar 29 7:43am
      • After all...Mark, Sun Apr 8 7:33pm
        How bad can it be with John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle. We should be anticipating something above average or like we've already said GREAT!
        • Re: After all...Mr. Elrod, Mon Apr 9 9:56am
          Indeed Mark, indeed. Iím getting antsy as I read your post. Elrod