Jim Patton
Small Donation
Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:08am

Hi Mark,

In light of all you do and your recent headaches with the board, I made a small donation towards operating costs.

I only mention it here so as to give you a heads up to check your PayPal and make sure it came through ok.

Take care and thank you for all you do for us!!!


  • Had a little issue where the image server I use updated their .org extension to something else which killed all of the images on here including the Post A Message buttons. Also, I updated the email... more
    • Hello! The Thorn, Tue Oct 30 1:29pm
      I'm still here, as well! Haven't forgot about you guys!
    • Small Donation — Jim Patton, Tue Sep 18 4:08am
      • Jim...Mark -, Sun Oct 28 10:54pm
        Yes I did receive it. I thank you very much! It's hard to believe we've been here together for what I'm pretty sure is over 20 years now. From what was the first HalloweeN movies message board to the ... more
        • Indeed!!! This is a bond and a rarity!!!James Patton, Sun Oct 28 11:22pm
          I know I came here before H20 and that was 20 years ago, so yeah, over 20 years and going. If I had to guess, I'd say I joined in 1996 or a little before. I got my bachelors in December 1997 and was... more
    • BoardMr. Elrod, Tue Sep 4 7:56am
      Thank you for all you do, Mark. I hope the traffic will pick up before this year's upcoming new Halloween movie. Been excited since last year. Jim Patton, Matt Russell, are you out there. Come post... more
      • I Am Here Also...................Matt Russell, Tue Sep 18 11:13am
        Just checking in to see how things are in Haddonfield. It's been a while. Matt
        • Great to see you Matt!!!Jim Patton, Wed Sep 19 9:39am
          And with that, we have all come home!!! Great to see you guys and I am really excited about the new Halloween 2018. Great to see everyone!! Jim
          • Welcome back, brochachos!Mr. Elrod, Thu Sep 20 2:18pm
            Good to see everyone back in Mark's man cave and place of family and fun. I'm ecstatic about the new trailers of the new film. Jim, I'm sorry but each trailer just hones my fascination for what... more
      • I am here!!!!Jim Patton, Tue Sep 18 4:03am
        I am here and ready to rhapsodize about all things Carpenter/Curtis/Castle. Great to see you guys posting!!! Jim