Mr. Elrod
Welcome back, brochachos!
Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:18pm

Good to see everyone back in Mark's man cave and place of family and fun. I'm ecstatic about the new trailers of the new film. Jim, I'm sorry but each trailer just hones my fascination for what awaits us with this new offering. I understand it is supposed to be a new surrogate Halloween 2 only several years later. I noticed the current mask bears the pin puncute marks per the end of H-1. Is Nick playing Michael in this new version?
Love you guys, can't wait for 10/19.

  • Great to see you Matt!!!Jim Patton, Wed Sep 19 9:39am
    And with that, we have all come home!!! Great to see you guys and I am really excited about the new Halloween 2018. Great to see everyone!! Jim
    • Welcome back, brochachos! — Mr. Elrod, Thu Sep 20 2:18pm