James Patton
I agree with Mr. E's Recommendations!
Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:22pm

The H35 kind of brought all the goodies from the laserdisc release (mega goodies) to the modern DVD/Blu Ray player.

Yep, the H2 collector's edition is the one that still has a link at the top of this page and took 2 years of convincing people to get released.

When it got released, I was asked what I would like to see next, and I jokingly said a 15 disc of all the films in one collection... it happened within 2 years because the H2 collectors was the # 1 pre-order in the history of Amazon.com. That H2 release kind of set Halloween back in motion.

And yes, the Inside Halloween is great.

Now, there are 2 things I still want to see: A British film company did a documentary of the making of H1 due to Donald being involved and other than a few seconds, this documentary, which followed the filming, has never been released. I WANT IT!!

Also, all the footage Billy Kirkus has that are out takes from H1. Carpenter spent most of the budget on extremely high-quality film. 40 years later, it is said to still look Blu Ray quality due to the grade of film he paid extra for. I want everyone to come together to agree to pay Kirkus for this footage, process it, and get it in front of us!!!

I still have the emails where a Universal Home Video executive told me no one had interest in H2 because it was over 30 years old... BUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I should have demanded a piece of the residuals but just wanted to get the damn thing released. Sadly, they did pull Moustapha's name off of the original release and had to re-release the Blu Ray to put his name back on.

And there is more than you wanted to know about the History of Halloween... go with what Mr. E. said!!

Take care, Jim

  • Great data Jim!Mr. Elrod, Mon Oct 29 11:54am
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      On the collectors edition by Shout Factory.com.