Mr. Elrod
Question for Jim Patton
Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:01pm

Jimbo, in your travels with Haunted Enthusiasts, did you meet a Steve Shippy who's doing Haunting episodes on Prime Video right now? Been watching some of his work and am wondering if he's legit?
He's had a couple of the old Ghosthunters on 2 different episodes in different hauntings, Steve Gonsalves and Brian _____, forgot his last name. Some of his investigations look convincing while others do not.
Just wondering about your opinion of Shippy and/or the others?

    • No. I will have to check it out!!Anonymous, Sat Mar 23 9:16pm
      Hey Mr. E!! I have not heard of him or his show, but will gladly check it out. I do not remember his name. I've met and worked with a lot of teams over the years for logistics reasons. (They secure... more
      • I meant to mention....James Patton, Sat Mar 23 9:18pm
        When I mentioned I have worked with a lot of teams, I meant to mention that I am HORRIBLE with names, so even though the experiences are awesome, I am horrible with remembering their names. Take care ... more