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Love, Respect and Senior Grand Master Edmund K, Parker
Mon Aug 9, 2004 11:46

Aloha Nui Loa to all Kenpoist's!
First, let me say how happy I was to come along Master Conaster's website. We go back a long way in the evolution and propagation of Kenpo and Kajukenbo.
I am a student of the late Grand Master Aleju "Al" Reyes (Kajukenbo/Kenpo Karate). GM Reyes was a true and close friend of SGM Parker.
It was through GM Reyes that I had the great fortune and opportunity of meeting one of the most influential individuals in my Martial Arts career - SGM Ed Parker...
GM Reyes was the center referee at every Internationals from inception, until his un-timely passing in 1978.
As a student, I can remember loading up all of the kids, students, families and equipment every August and making the trip from Suisun (Northern California), to Long Beach.
I realize now how lucky we were to be GM Reyes' students and to have the opportunity to personally meet and "talk story" with SGM Parker.
After moving to San Clemente, CA in 1974, I saw SGM Parker at many events and became very close with him.
Although I came from Kajukenbo, he gave me advice on training, teaching, business and life in general.
I took my students to the Internationals "every year" it existed in support of SGM Parker and continued to represent the name of GM Reyes, even after he passed. GM Reyes loved and respected SGM Parker and I learned so much from seeing their relationship.
In 1990 I had the honor of being invited by SGM Parker to Hawaii to help video tape a documentary on his life. “What an experience”!!!
I will never forget the many trips to Pasadena, alone and along with Sijo Adriano Emperado (Founder of Kajukenbo) to visit with SGM Parker at his beautiful home. It was like visiting a historical museum. And always after visiting awhile, out came the Ukulele’! I will never forget sitting in the home of this “World Famous” Martial Arts legend, known for his deadly fighting skills and abilities, and then he would play and sing for us, songs of Hawaii. It was beautiful!
Although I come from Kajukenbo (a relative of Kenpo), I still, to this day study the teachings and wisdom of SGM Parker. Especially his “Advanced Basics” videotape, which I find fascinating and filled with SGM Parkers wisdom and knack for making one, think of the many messages and lessons embedded within his words and concepts.
I am also proud to have met and trained with many, many of his students worldwide. The similarity of our arts make it simple and logical to cross train within both.
I know that SGM Parker would be touched and proud to see the beautiful tribute that Master Conaster has shared with all of you. I know personally that SGM Parker had a special love for Master Conaster, and was very proud of what he has done with the knowledge he received from SGM Parker and American Kenpo. I too am proud to call Master Conaster my friend, especially as I am also a native Arizonian.

God Bless SGM Edmund K. Parker and his American Kenpo Family…..

GM Gary L. Forbach
Newport Beach Kajukenbo

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