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Dennis Conatser
Don't Joke at Heathrow!
Fri Mar 15, 2002 17:16

We had just landed in Heathrow (London England) Airport and were checking our baggage thru customs. Mr. Parker, Lee Wedlake and Skip were already thru the check point and I was last. Being the consummate joker that I am, as the Baggage handler asked me the contents of my medium sized carry on bag, I responded quite jokingly "cocaine"!

Immediately, 3 or 4 Police rushed over to totally examine all my bags and things.... As I looked over at Mr. Parker, I got a look that would KILL! Oh man, now I did it (Mr. Parker had a low tolerance for delays in his schedule and this was certainly an unnecessary delay), the looks of disgust made me shrink to about 3" tall! Of course, Skip and Lee were laughing since they already had clearance.

I told the Bobbies that I was just kidding but they ignored me and kept searching and tearing apart everything I had. After about 15 minutes I got the clearance and rejoined the group which was just a few feet away through a tall steel fence. When I finally reached everybody Mr. Parker came straight to me and said, "You do that again and I'll leave you with those guys"! I apologized and we all eventually joked about it but for a few minutes it was tense!

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