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Stephen LaBounty
Fastest sticks in the world..
Fri Mar 15, 2002 17:36

It was a Friday night on a particular warm night in Pasadena. We had just finished a workout and The SGM asked me if I wanted to go to Chinatown and eat. Of course I did, but didn't know it would be a cast of thousands, meaning most of the class and one of my students. We get this table for 10 and I, the newbie to this ritual, am the only one who asks for a menu. Mr. Parker looks at me, I'm sitting next to Dave Fan, and says "Eh,don' worry bragh" Now I'm hungry as hell and woozy but he does all the ordering. The THREE waiters bring out copious amounts of food set them in the middle of the table and before the waiters hands were removed, Ed Parker begin to "scrape" from several plates onto his while he's talking about some trouble that Len Mau was having. I, again the newbie, pick up a plate, grab the spoon to courteously serve myself and Dave Fan says: "You're gonna starve in this crowd" With the plate in my one hand the spoon in the other, Mr. Parker leaned over and with his chopsticks took the remaining shrimp on the plate leaving me with a bunch of lettuce and some orange slices, which I ate. Then, he takes a dead, steamed fish head, puts it on my plate with his Chop sticks and says to me "Eh, try it, you'll like it". I looked around the table and I'm the only one with dead fish head, except Clarence Okura a good friend of Mr. Parkers who joined us. At the end of the dinner, Dave Fan said, "What'd I tell you?" Learn. The next time we went to dinner I almost lost my hand to the "Fastest sticks in the world" but I sure the heck had a full meal, and no dead fish heads!!! By the way, the longest the actual eating took place was about 20 minutes, then talk for 20 minutes, and then a mass, rapid exodus into the night.

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