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Dennis Conatser
ED Parker B-Day 2002 (71)
Wed Mar 20, 2002 23:07

On this special Day you'd have turned '71,
We all miss you so, and we all are real bummed.
But American Kenpo Lives on to this day,
The flame is burning brighter,
Trust what I say!

Oh what we'd give to have you back,
These past years,
You'd be proud of your army,
And saved us some tears.

Your Seniors are expressing themselves as we speak,
Each in their own way, to all those who do seek.
The clubs are a clubbin,
The knives flash with flare,
Kenpo continues to spread its wings everywhere.

Oh sure, there are problems, do you think that would
But that's how creativity is spawned it's the nature of
the beast!

LaBounty, Kelly and Planas are Pillars of Stone,
While Skip keeps on pressing Kenpo 2000 along.
Chap'el is Sublevelin' 4 all the time,
Mills is refining the Art and is fast & sublime.

Palanzo and Kenpo, back East are quite fine,
Trejo's still teaching seminars all the time.
Tatum's video's are the talk of the Net,
Along with Sullivan's IKCA and his Masterful set.

Pick and the Military are still hand in hand,
While Hawkins and Liles lead a spirited Band.
Hebler and his Oldies are still working real hard
White's Orange county killers are cuttin the lard.

Sepulveda and Speakman still make up a team,
Conatser's methods are a Kenpoists dream.
Duffy's Camp is the best down Austin Way,
While Wedlake pens books about Kenpo today.

Your Name is still spoke round the world each day!
Many wish they had met you at work & at play.
Seniors share all of their stories
Of your time spent with each,
And all enjoy the memory of what you did preach.

Yes, eleven years now have passed,
but it seems like you are not gone,
For the gift that you left us,
Is growing perpetually strong.

American Kenpo is here!, and here is shall stay,
Forever, until ....... Human kind fades away.

Much Respect...

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