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Dennis Conatser
Who Promoted Ed Parker to 10th?
Sat Apr 27, 2002 19:36

I have stated before that I did in fact asked Mr. Parker the all important question........ "Who promoted you to 10th?" Of course I qualified it by also saying.... "Sir, I really don't care because I love the system but I have heard others ask and are afraid to ask you and that has peaked my curiosity as well. I really don't care one way or the other because you are an awesome teacher and have developed a great art, but how did you come to wearing a 10th Degree."

Mr. Parker just looked at me for a minute and then said... "Well, to tell ya the truth, I looked around at all the other "Masters of our Time" and evaluated just what they had contributed to the Arts. I then made a list of "MY" accomplishments, and regulated my rank accordingly. No one else has:

* brought together Martial Artists like the Long Beach
Internationals has done for as many years in a row -
* has the current terminology as we have
* Applied Logic in the manner I did
* Created several training aids to illustrate our Art
- Universal Pattern
- Web of Knowledge
- 8 Preparatory Considerations that tailor to the current times
- Movement Curriculums that are Logical and Practical
- Applied Principles of Motion to everything we do
- Taught methods of teaching the material
- Promoted Creative thinking within the ranks
* Written Thesis
* Form Thesis
* Created the 1st truly American Developed Art not a
transplanted one from Asia or elsewhere

"As I looked at these accomplishments in comparison with other "Current Masters of my Time" I ranked myself accordingly."

I said..... Yep ...... you got my vote! No one in history has accomplished what you have...... That's why I'm here and not somewhere else. He just looked at me and laughed ...... then said, "Lets go to Genghis Khans, I'm hungry!"

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