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Eric S. Kingston
Tribute for Ed Parker
Fri Jan 17, 2003 11:22

The Lesson and The Memory
Written in lasting memory
Ed Parker

The Dragon never sleeps, though it appears so
The Tiger’s eye pierce the night, through evening’s sacred glow
The strike is felt before its seen and then the motion’s gone
The lesson and the memory must carry on and on

But the Spirit is forever in its amber and its glow
The Warrior wanders an unknown path that few will ever know
For the Wisdom of the ages is a mountain and cloud song
The lesson and the memory are what we carry on

For every journeys angle is a circle and a point
Every step along the path holds the Key that may anoint
And every evolution is chain within each link
But the truest Law of every Master teaches the heart and mind to think

And Ed,
He journeys upward and onward through the valley of the stars
A legacy behind him guides toward the truth of what we are
Just stardust and a memory that is what goes on
And his lessons and the memory say carry on, carry on
“The small still voice within the wind”
Carry on, carry on

In lasting memory,

Eric S. Kingston

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