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I Will Never Be Free Attn:Anyone
Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:14pm

Heights were something that Sarina always had a head for. She would spend hours at a time climbing trees or sleeping in them. She scaled rock faces and jumped from them in to deep cavernous pools of crystal clear water. She would do these things; the climbing, the jumping from heights close to seventy feet always laughing and smiling even though where she came from there was no one to see it. She even smiled the few times after nasty falls she did have some vertigo. She did not know what it really was until now. In fact she had looked it up just the other day.

Two-hundred-seventy-one days in the Tower. She had lived her for nearly one year. She knew what that was now as well. She now knows about thirteen different nations, their customs and people, their history. She has learned of politics and power; prejudice and pride. She reads now, better than she ever thought she could ever learn to as well as even some higher mathematics. Two-hundred-seventy-one days concentrating and learning. In less than one year she has taken in more knowledge than most people learn growing up. It is remarkable and disturbing.

In this time she has also learned the true meaning of being alone. She had been alone for years after her grandfather had died, but she had never felt lonely. Sarina could always feel his spirit surrounding her in the forest. She heard his laughter in the brooks, the cool touch of his hand in the breeze, and his stern gaze in the summer’s sun. But now…now she was surrounded by cold stone. Brightly painted in many places to reflect the Ajah colors, but all heartless. Here she was trapped away indoors for the most part away from everything which reminded her of home. She was used to people ignoring her or not speaking to her now that was never really a problem. But she lacked in other areas.

The gongs sounding for the evening meal suddenly resounded breaking her out of her revelry and she stood. She thought she could hear the footsteps and conversations of other Novices as they made their way to the dinning halls. She was at one of the highest points of the Tower which novices were allowed access to. It was a classroom on the upper levels some hundreds of feet overlooking the city, and she was on its roof. Sarina stood slowly taking in the last rays of the sun and took a step forward shivering as she did so. At such a height the strong winds blew the skirts of her dress up whipping around her knees.

I will never be free was the thought which went through her mind as she overlooked her precipice. Everything she had learned the channeling, the politics, the nations, the history, the Dragon, the Last Battle, all of it was pointless. What point was there to living this life if it was simply another turn on some endless wheel. What meaning could it have to live here simply to live again when spun back out by the wheel. Not even to remember those past lives unless you were bound to the wheel and bound to the Horn of Valere.

Sarina embraced the True Source a last time as she stood at the edge looking down at the hundreds of feet leading to the city. Sighing, she readied herself for what was next.

(OOC: Woah, sorry for not posting for such a long time and my terribly bad response time/ responses to some of those lessons awhile back. For any who I offended I am deeply sorry. I was dealing with some major issues with family, work, school/scholarships, God (man was he just using me for his personal little chew toy for awhile)… and I took it out in my writing and how I treated some people who were just trying to help…[you know who you are]. So thanks for the patience.

Anyway, about what is happening here. If you couldn’t figure it out, yes Sarina is about to kill herself. Suicide is the word most people use for it, taking one’s own life. She has but one chance *cue ominous music* who will save her.

In case you didn’t notice I even left you an in to noticing her and her “plan”, for the female channlers at least. Check out the last paragraph to figure it out.

Anyway, I am going to leave this open for anyone and if I don’t hear from anyone by tomorrow by say 6pm; Sarina will die)

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