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To Teach and Learn (Tor!)
Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:06am

Gaemalyn tapped along the long halls of the White Tower. His wooden canes crook was gradually being worn to a comfortable smoothness, which he massaged familiarly with his long fingered hands. It had been a month since he had been through the Arches, a month since he had received an injury that could not be Healed, a month since he had taken another step towards being Aes Sedai. Another step to accomplishing his dream. But the time went slowly despite Gaemalyn's advances. His first week and a half had been plagued by endless Aes Sedai incursions, with a veritable cacophony of lessons and friendly instructions. It had nearly driven Gaemalyn mad, but as his second week came, the work eased away and he was at last free to study what he chose to. Already he had poured through every tome concerning the Blue Ajah, various weaves, and other obscure things to be learned about the One Power. His gradually growing knowledge was comforting to him, but he still felt fatigued by the pace his life had taken, because of his leg and his new position.

That day as he went along the halls, as summer faded at last into cool fall, was an unreal day. Just yesterday he been pouring over a history of the Blue Ajah, and that day he was expected to mentor a novice. The idea of being a teacher was foreign to Gaemalyn, being quite used to being the one who was taught. It filled him with both an odd excitement and a vague nervousness, but he knew he would have to push through both of these emotions and simply be aloof with the boy he was instructed to teach. After so much time since going through the Arches, Gaemalyn's calm mask of composure was gradually returning, and he wondered if this mentoring session might not be just what he needed to return to his usual cool and collected state. Surely finally having a chance to show a novice my authority will help, he reasoned half-heartedly as he arrived in the novice quarters. It was odd to see his old novice room door pass him by, like an old friend, no doubt occupied by someone else.

The boy, for he was a boy no matter his age, that Gaemalyn had been instructed to teach was named Tor. Details about him thus far had been vague, but Gaemalyn had been able to ascertain that he was a noble of Andor, or at least was. What had happened to strip him or at least delay him of his title, Gaemalyn could not imagine. Nor could Gaemalyn imagine that there was any truth to the rumors that he had attempted to pickpocket an Aes Sedai. Such were the endless and obscure gossip of the Tower that ridiculous rumors such as these often caught fire, and were spread to every Sitter and the Amyrlin herself. Gaemalyn shook his head, bracing himself for the unknown and knocked upon the door. He knew he should wait for a response, but instead allowed himself in. His leg was taxing him particularly and he was in no mood to wait for a novice to make his way to his door, to allow in his superior.

He entered to find a pale man who was indeed no doubt Andoran. Fair hair, and blue eyes a touch lighter then Gaemalyn's own sky blue ones greeted Gaemalyn as he clicked in, leaning heavily upon his cane with one hand, and adjusting his long braid of light brown hair with the other. The boy had a thin, if somewhat muscular look, and Gaemalyn had little doubt the man could best him were it a test of strength in the body. He looked a touch woebegone in his novice whites, as though very lost and confused, yet somehow continuing on with whatever strange path had brought the man to the Tower. "Greetings," Gaemalyn said, as cheerfully as he could manage. "I am Accepted Gaemalyn Mithier, and I am here to act as your teacher, child. Tell me about yourself, and then we can get started. We head to the Great Library, understood?"

OOC: Hello, hello! I am still waiting for a reply to my e-mail, but I thought I would post this for when you do get around to it. Gaemalyn is going to be rather bossy during this…but I will make sure it is still interesting;-). Tell Gaemalyn whatever you wish about Tor, and then you can RP them heading to the Great Library!

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