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Novice Tor Riglace
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men
Fri Sep 1, 2006 1:30am

Things had very much gotten out of hand. This was not at all how Tor had planned things, not even a little bit. Of course, he was not entirely sure what he had expected, truly. Perhaps that he would ride in like a hero from some gleeman's tale and sweep Fox away on his white steed? The very idea would be laughable, if the whole situation wasn't so miserable. Tor looked around his room, his new home, and shivered. Everything was WHITE. Even HE was white. They'd taken his clothes, ragged, to be sure, but still serviceable, and replaced them with ... He glanced down at his outfit. More white! It would be impossible to keep clean.

And he was avoiding the issue. Somehow, he'd gotten caught up in something he didn't quite understand. Ice of Caemlyn was dead, and in his place... Tor Riglace, novice of the White Tower. Events were swiftly outpacing him.

He'd come to the Tower with the single-minded intent of finding Fox, and taking him home. Where ever that was now. Instead, he'd been informed that the novice Adem was not free to accept visitors at this time, unless they were family. Tor's insistence that they were so fell on deaf ears; Adem obviously hailed from Cairhien, and Tor had the unmistakable look of an Andorman. But, Tor was told, there was an alternative. If he took the test for novicehood, and joined the White Tower, he would be free to see 'Adem' as often as he liked, so long as it did not interfere with anyone's studies. And Tor had fancied himself so clever. Take the test, get to Fox, and get him home. That was the plan. Only, once he'd taken the test, proving himself capable of learning to channel --and shocking himself in the process-- he'd been so swept up in the bustle of getting settled, he'd had no time to scheme. And now, three days later, he'd seen Fox but once, passing in the halls, and the other man hadn't even noticed him.

A simple knock at the door brought Tor from his reflection. Tor made to answer it, but the visitor opened the door of his own accord; novices doors were never locked. It was no one Tor recognized, a man dressed in whites much like Tor's own, save for a band of colors at the hem and cuffs, and carrying a walking stick. A superior, perhaps? Tor studied the man placidly for a moment, until the stranger spoke.

"Greetings," the man began. "I am Accepted Gaemalyn Mithier, and I am here to act as your teacher, child." Tor bristled, and it was a struggle to keep his face impassive. "Tell me about yourself, and then we can get started. We head to the Great Library, understood?"

Tor said nothing, formulating how much he felt like telling this complete stranger, this rude cripple. He hadn't dealt with people like this since he'd left home eight years ago. Finally, he spoke. "My name is Tor." And it was, now. The name Ice had been shed, along with his old belongings, but the persona remained. Tor's voice held no emotion, not even the irritation this Gaemalyn fostered in him. "I hail from Caemlyn, in Andor." He paused, for a moment, wrestling with himself. How much to tell, and how much to keep to himself. Eventually, his taciturn nature won out, and he said nothing further, save "Shall we go?"

He stood, and followed the Accepted from the room. He was silent as they walked toward the Great Library. He'd only been there once before, on a tour that had taken most of his first day, and had left him far more confused than he'd been when he started. But he remembered where it was, at least in relation to his room, and before long, the pair found themselves standing before the great wooden doors. Tor pulled one open, and followed the Accepted inside, letting the door slam behind him. The sound made him shiver; it sounded too much like a coffin swinging shut.

OOC: Sorry if none of this makes any sense... It's late, or rather, early, but I figured I'd get it done now, instead of later, while I can't sleep. I did proof-read it, but obviously, in my less-than-coherent state, I can't be held responsible for ALL my mistakes. Anyway... Tag, you're it!

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