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Diversions for the Ickle Novice
Fri Sep 1, 2006 5:13am

Tor's extremely brief description of himself added nothing to what Gaemalyn had already known or guessed. Indeed, in the walk to the Library they were both silent, and Gaemalyn began to feel frustrated and a little jealous of the boy's calm demeanor. Once I was like that, Gaemalyn thought to himself grumpily. The novice opened a door for him into the Library, to which he gave a nod of thanks, and then they were lost to the world of books. Gaemalyn sorely wished he could just send the novice off on some strange little trip, while he took sometime to brush up on a weaves. He knew this was not possible, of course, and he felt on some level responsible. It was Gaemalyn's responsibility to show Tor tower life, and that was exactly what he would do. Clicking forward to one of the many shelves, Gaemalyn gesticulated vaguely and began to speak.

"I do not know what you are knowledgeable with or what you are ignorant to. As such, remain silent while I speak. This," Gaemalyn said, taking in the expanse of books surrounding them, "is the Great Library. Within it is the greatest collection of books in the entirety of the known world. It is maintained by Brown Ajah Aes Sedai." Gaemalyn began a slow walk along the shelves. "An Ajah is a group of Aes Sedai that works together towards a common purpose. There are seven Ajahs, and each has a different purpose. Repeat after me; the Blue Ajah champion just causes and upholds righteous ideals…" Gaemalyn began, and he listed every Ajah, waiting patiently as Tor related what it was he said. Gaemalyn knew this must be very dull, so he clicked over to a chair and sat down. Tor continued to stand, no other chairs available.

"Now you know the different Ajahs, now I want you to understand them. Go find an Aes Sedai from at least three Ajahs, and talk about their choice and what it is they like about their Ajah. Mind they are not too busy, and that you do not bother them. Remember; I am your better, but Aes Sedai are even more so. Show them the proper respect; bow, and bid them a fair greeting. Do I make myself clear?" Gaemalyn waited for a brief nod from Tor. "Good. You can probably find a Brown Aes Sedai without much trouble, but the other two may take some work. If you get lost just ask servants for directions back to the Great Library, and I will be here waiting. Go!"

Gaemalyn watched as the boy headed off, and felt quite relieved to be momentarily rid of him. Deftly using his cane, Gaemalyn nudged a large book about etiquette, something that had fascinated him since his lessons with Medaea, from a nearby shelf, and then grabbed it. He settled into the uncomfortable chair, for a hopefully long read.

OOC: Alright! You can make this as long or short as you like, but 500 word minimum. Have Tor meet three different Aes Sedai, of three different Ajahs! Do more if you so desire. You can RP grumpiness from the Aes Sedai or other such creative things at your discretion! Once that is done, have Tor head back to the Library to meet back up with Gaemalyn! (And it makes perfect sense ;-)

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