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Think Twice, Say Nothing
Fri Sep 8, 2006 12:30am

It was a struggle to keep the irritation Tor felt from showing on is face. How did he get stuck with such a fool? Repetition was one thing, but this? Well, Tor mused to himself, it will give me time to look around, get my bearings. And if it meant he didn't have to deal with the blasted cripple, more the better. He bowed, formal and stiff. "As you wish, Accepted." His voice was calm, emotionless, his face blank. He would not give this pathetic excuse for a tutor the satisfaction of knowing Tor had been upset, even for a moment. His 'better' indeed!

Formalities out of the way, though he was not sure the other boy had even heard, Tor turned and strolled calmly from the Great Library. It was only when he was safely out of view of the Library that Tor allowed himself to relax, slumping against a wall. He knew he would have to deal with that insufferable man, if he ever hoped to fulfill his duty. After a moment, he pushed away from the structure he'd been leaning against, and made his way across the gardens, and into the Tower proper.

His path meandered aimlessly; he'd come across an Aes Sedai eventually, one way or the other, and he was in no hurry to return to the Library and resume his farce of a lesson.There would be time enough for that, later. And if the cripple had to wait... Oh well for him. Suddenly, a thought struck. He could use this opportunity to find Fox!

With renewed purpose, the novice hurried down the corridors, eyes wide, scanning for the short silhouette that could turn out to be Fox. At first it seemed luck was not with him, but, turning a corner down by the kitchens, he caught sight of a familiar figure with dark hair. "Fox!" Tor called, hurrying to his friend's side. Only, in truth, it was not his friend, but a severe-faced Aes Sedai, who looked up at Tor with a disapproving glare. Tor bowed quickly, and kept his eyes glued to the floor. How could he have made such an error?

"I am no such thing," the Aes Sedai practically growled.

"Forgive me, Aes Sedai, I thought you were someone else." The clothes should have given it away, Tor realized. Novices wore white. Tor was slipping again. The Dark One was in the details. "But, I've an assignment for my lesson, and since I already have you, might I ask you some questions about your Ajah?"

Immediately, the older man's face softened. "Of course, novice. Ask."

Tor hesitated for an instant, searching for the words, then let loose in an uncharacteristically nervous jumble. "Well, firstly, what Ajah are you? What does your Ajah mean? Why did you pick it?"

The Aes Sedai laughed. "I'm a Green. My Ajah is called the Battle Ajah, because we stand ready to fight along-side the Dragon Reborn in the Last Battle. We also are the only Ajah in which it is generally acceptable to bond more than one Warder, based on the assumption that the more hands you have, the better. As for why I picked Green... I was a soldier... before I came to the Tower. It just seemed right."

Tor nodded, and bowed. "Thank you for your time, Aes Sedai. I won't trouble you further." The older man nodded, and went his way. Tor almost sighed in relief. He had been sure a skinning was in his near future. Fate averted, he continued through the corridors, still keeping an eye out for his old friend. Twice, he passed Aes Sedai, and each time, he stopped them, respectfully, of course, and asked them about their Ajah. The Brown had been long-winded and boring, lecturing Tor for almost twenty minutes on the whys and wherefores of her Ajah, and the Red... Well, that had been MOST unpleasant. Most Reds refused to forget that men had until recently been doomed to madness brought on by the Power. In fact, Tor didn't know if there were any men IN the Red Ajah, as his erstwhile tutor didn't seem inclined to elaborate to a mere man.

But he did not find Fox. He looked everywhere he could think of, and a few places he'd never seen before. After a while, he gave in, and wandered back in the direction of the Library. He was sure that Accepted what's-his-name was doing something productive, instead of tutoring Tor, as he should have been doing, and Tor felt perhaps it was time to make his presence known again. Just for spite.

"I have returned, Accepted."

OOC: Sorry this took so long... Been a hectic week. But... Tor's back. Originally I was going to have him meet all three, but I got lazy half way through... *shrugs*

And a disclaimer: Tor's opinion of the handicapped does not reflect the author's. Thank you, and goodnight!

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