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A Final Test of Patience
Sat Sep 9, 2006 8:23am

Gaemalyn had just arrived at a particularly interesting passage of his book, when Tor returned. He announced his return coldly, bringing Gaemalyn's eyes up to regard the Andoran. "So you have," Gaemalyn said acerbically. "I hope you learned something from this exercise. The Tower requires patience, and it requires commitment. Lacking either of these will only leave you as a runaway or an outcast. That exercise taught you a bit of patience. Now it is time for commitment." Gaemalyn struggled to stand, but managed it after a few attempts. He glared at Tor's even look, and Gaemalyn began walking along the numerous shelves. "Why are you at the Tower Tor? What do you want from your time here? Do you want to be Aes Sedai? What Ajah?" There was silence to these massive questions, which did not surprise Gaemalyn. "I do not need the answers, but you do. Start thinking now, and save yourself the trouble later."

Gaemalyn arrived before a Brown Aes Sedai, peacefully reading a large book. "Excuse me, Aes Sedai," Gaemalyn said. "What books would you recommend for a new initiate? Ones that can help broaden their mind and enlighten them to Tower life." Gaemalyn shot the novice a cruel grin. He truly was not in the mood for teaching; or anything really. As the Brown began blathering away ideas, and taking Tor aside to show him some of the books she thought might be helpful, Gaemalyn spotted a small group of White Ajah members standing and debating together. Feeling doubly cruel, he went over to them and dropped a proper bow. "That boy over there is new to the Tower. I would be honoured, as would he, if one of you could enlighten him to Tower philosophy." The White Aes Sedai looked delighted, and Gaemalyn watched as all five of them went directly over to Tor and began nattering away, competing with the Brown.

"I am back in my chair, Tor! Find me when you have learned some more patience and commitment!" Gaemalyn said overly cheerfully, and tapped back to his familiar chair. He reopened his book, and began again.

OOC: This is the last irritating/boring task I promise!! You can either have Tor snap and be angry with Gaemalyn (which would be interesting), or have Tor do the task patiently as Gaemalyn expects and have him return victorious. Gaemalyn will then find some respect in him, and begin actually showing him the Tower (we will be heading to the Infirmary, if you wished to RP it!)

  • Think Twice, Say NothingNovice Tor Riglace, Fri Sep 8 12:30am
    It was a struggle to keep the irritation Tor felt from showing on is face. How did he get stuck with such a fool? Repetition was one thing, but this? Well, Tor mused to himself, it will give me time... more
    • A Final Test of Patience — Accepted Gaemalyn Mithier, Sat Sep 9 8:23am
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